Origin: Korea
Age: 16 (Soul Blade), 19 (Soul Calibur), 23 (Soul Calibur II-IV)
Family: Father, Seong Han-myeong (he is playable in SB). Mother and brother, taken by sickness
Weapon: Zanbatou (Halberd)
Weapon name: Scarlet Thunder
Fighting style: Seong Style Longsword + Ling-Sheng Su Style Rod
Main japanese voice actor: Houko Kuwashima

Seung Mina is in Soul Blade a very childish girl. She run away from home because she wanted to be free and do what she wants to. She doesn't want to be a cute wife, she wants to help protecting her country. She is far from being a typical girl, she is more of a tomboy. But she actually grows up in the later games into a beautiful young woman. She still do whataver she wants to though. No one can force her to do something that she doesn't want to. She has lots of guts, she's also stubborn, but she's a very kind girl who wants to help others. In the later games, she runs after Yun-seong to tell him that the Soul Edge sword is evil and will not help their country.