You've reached the page where I'll write why I love the mighy Mina so much, and why I chose the "weird" site name.

Site Name

Blooming Flower. I had the physical fanlisting for Mina some years ago, I named that fanlisting Blooming Flower, I can't remember anymore why I named it that, but when I saw the first pictures of Mina in Soul Calibur IV, I really realised that the site name suited her so well! I was stunned, I could see on her face and body that she looked like a beautiful, mature, young woman. She was no longer the childish girl who escaped from home. Also, her main clothes were for the first time not red, they were green instead. And on top of that, the clothes had flowers on them! I though to myself back then: "She is indeed a blooming flower". If you have played the earlier games, then you know that Mina was from the beginning in Soul Blade very childish, she was only 16 years old back then, so no wonder. She has really grown up, but she is still the lovely stubborn girl she always has been. I think Mina is one of few female fighting game characters who has grown older and changed after that.

Why Mina

Because she is my number one favourite video game character ever! I bought Soul Blade over 10 years ago, and to be honest, I sucked at the game. I couldn't beat the evil pirate Cervantes. I tried all characters, but with no success. Then I finally chose Seung Mina with her 2p pink costume (Soul Blade had three different costumes in different colours!) and kicked Cervantes' butt! I also killed the ugly skeletton head Soul Edge in one try! I was so happy, but her ending made me a bit sad. It was good I learned later that the characters had second and better endings, heh. I was also such a huge Hwang x Mina fangirl back then, whooboy... I better leave it at that. What more can I say? After all these years, I still remember how I begun to love Mina. I loved everything about her, her personality, looks and fighting style. After all games, she is always my best character, although I'm actually sometimes better with Hwang, too bad he's not a playable character in the later games. To end this better, Seung Mina is very special to me, and I don't think anyone will be able to replace her.