Welcome to Blooming Flower, a fanlisting for my favourite character in the Soul series; Seung Mina (Seong Mi-na). She is actually my number one video game character ever, I have adored her since I bought Soul Blade many years ago. Mina is a character who has grown a lot during the games. She is not the same childish girl she once was, but she still has the spunk and temper within her! She has grown into a beautiful young woman, hence the name Blooming Flower.
I don't have much here at the moment, but I have some small information, few icons and a huge gallery at the moment! I'm planning on making a little tribute to the lovely Heart and Soul girl someday.
Please be sure to join the fanlisting, show the world that you're a fan! I also want to give a huge thanks to Ameerose for adopting out this fanlisting to me.


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